Avanti Cigars

August 28, 2019


When it comes to European-style dry-cured cigars, the Avanti brand makes some of the best on the market. And, that’s quite an accomplishment because they are made right here in the U.S.A with a top-quality blend of homegrown Tennessee and Kentucky fire-cured tobaccos.

The word Avanti means “forward” in Italian, and these cigars have been moving forward in the industry for decades with such famous blends as  Bourbon, Vanilla,  Café Mocha, Continental, Anisette, and the Original blend that first put the Avanti brand on the map. The Original blend is just straight-up tobacco flavors that will appeal to the more traditional non-aromatic cigar fan.

To achieve their unique smoky tobacco and BBQ flavors, these premium Tennessee and Kentucky tobaccos go through a unique fermentation process to make the leaves becomes dark and oily. To accomplish this task,  carefully chosen aromatic wood smolders on the floor of a barn as the leaves are exposed to the smoke. This slow and controlled process lasts a month, and only then is the tobacco ready for additional fermentation, and if applicable, expertly infused with flavorings.

Rolled freestyle with no mold to create a perfectly rounded shape, Avant Cigars have a rather crude and rustic shape that surprisingly adds to their overall popularity and appeal. This style of cigar was actually made famous in those great old Spaghetti Westerns produced by Italian directors in the ’50s, 60’s, and early ’70s. Watching Clint Eastwood ride into town with a crooked Cheroot sticking out of his mouth, apparently spawned a lot of cigar smoking Cowboy Movie junkies to follow suit, albeit without the horse and firearms… but I digress!

The flavorings used to sweeten up these tasty, bold, medium to full-bodied firecrackers, are of premium quality so they fully complement the smoked hickory, oak, nuts, peppery spice, and BBQ flavors, without overpowering them. The same cannot be said for lesser quality dry-cured cigars.

When the company was founded, Avanti set out to make the best cigars they could, at the best prices possible, and their mission statement will be quite evident after you sink your teeth into one of these delectable cigars. Best of all, thanks to the dry-curing process, Avanti cigars never need humidification!




Avanti Bourbon



Avanti Vanilla



Avanti Continental



Avanti Anisette




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