An Introduction to the Popular European Style Dry-Cured Cigar.

February 18, 2016

They’ve been around forever and although enormously popular abroad, the European style dry-cured cigar has finally become a new American favorite. Unlike the standard vitola, dry-cured cigars go through a special manufacturing process of slow- baking, and require only 12-15% humidity, making them ideal for storing at room temperature (no humidor required). Most dry-cured cigars contain Indonesian, Sumatran or Brazilian tobaccos, giving them a spicier flavor than traditional premium cigars. These cigars are mostly all machine made and contain 100% tobaccos. Their small size makes them ideal for a quick morning or afternoon break, or the perfect pocket sized companion to savor at the end of the day with coffee and dessert.

For those of you ready to tried them, but don’t know where to start, I have compiled a list of some of the most delicious dry-cured brands on the market today.

Avanti Cigars
Avanti is a popular European-style cigar crafted by a renowned family-owned cigar business with 100% natural handpicked tobacco in the United States. Avanti is available in four varieties the Original, Anisette, Cafe Mocha, and the Continental. All medium-to-full bodied in strength, each blend has its own distinct taste and decadent aroma.

Dannemann Cigars
The famous Dannemann Cigar Company has been making their tasty dry-cured cigarillos since 1873. This once local cigar-making manufacturer has grown into an industry giant that continues to satisfy smokers in over 60 countries throughout the world.

De Nobili Cigars
A true Americana treat, the popular De Nobili Cigar brand has been expertly crafted in rustic style right here in good old Scranton, Pennsylvania since 1896. These timeless stogies feature a flavorful filler blend of Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos surrounded by top quality natural tobacco binder and wrapper leaf. With De Nobili dry-cured cigars, smokers are provided a wonderful selection of distinct medium-to-full-bodied blends that include the Economy, Kings, Popular, Toscani, and Toscani Longs.

Panter Cigars
Hailing from the Netherlands, Panter Cigars are made by Agio, one of the most famous dry cured cigar companies in the world. This very flavorful line of cigarillos come designed in the classic European tradition, and feature a variety of tobacco blends with unique recipes, sure to please every type of smoker. These aromatic treats offer a delightful experience any time of the day.

Villiger Cigars
The famous Villiger Cigars were established in 1888 in the small town of Pfeffikon, Switzerland, where this brand remains headquartered to this day. All Villiger cigars are Machine made in Switzerland with only the finest select Cuban-seed tobaccos from the world’s most fertile growing regions. Whether you choose the box pressed and nutty tasting Villiger Export Natural, the dark and creamy Villiger Export Maduro, the spicy Villiger Export Brasil or the rustic Villiger Kiel line with the unmistakable mouthpiece, you will definitely enjoy these tasty cigars.
The next time you are looking for either a quick smoke, or a tasty change of pace from your favorite premium(moist) cigars, take some of these dry-cured beauties for a test smoke, we think you will be pleasantly surprised at their amazing taste and outstanding quality.


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  • Simon

    Don’t let dry cure cigars get dry. They become harsh to smoke. Keep them humidified in some way. Even a couple of days in a sealed box with a damp piece of kitchen paper keeps them decent to smoke,

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