Acid Purple Plush

June 11, 2019

Acid Purple Plush

With Acid cigars celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year Drew Estate is pulling out all the stops.  They announced two new additions to the Acid cigar lineup in order to honor this tremendous milestone.  The Acid Croqueta, actually two cigars in one tube, has already arrived online and in cigar shops. This week we are pleased to announce the arrival of the other brand new cigar from the Acid Cigars portfolio.

The Acid Plush is not your everyday infused cigar. It is a high end, premium, handcrafted product that use aged, top quality tobacco for its blend.  It is hand rolled in Nicaragua using aged Nicaraguan tobaccos as well as a stunning broadleaf Maduro wrapper for an extra touch of richness.  The cigar is then infused with the traditional herbs and flavored oils found in several of the Acid cigars.

With the combination of an aged Maduro leaf and the infused flavors, the new Acid Plush is set to be one of the most popular of the Acid cigar lineup.  While they are available in cigar shops across the country, you will find the best price online right here at JR Cigars, your one stop shop for Acid Cigars.

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