ACID Cigars: A Special Treat for The Adventurous Smoker

May 9, 2019

A premium brand introduced in 1999 by Drew Estate, ACID cigars are responsible for revolutionizing the age-old art of cigar tobacco blending by incorporating a host of exotic herbs, spices, and rare botanicals into each cigar. Launched with the help of artist Scott “ACID” Chester with a tagline, “the rebirth of cigars”, Scott adds his stunning graffiti-like artistry to every box and cigar band in the Acid lineup. To some old-school conservative smokers, the Acid brand is considered an anomaly, while to the adventurous modern-day cigar smoker, it offers an intensely delicious experience like no other in the handmade cigar industry.

Handcrafted at the Drew Estate factory in Estelí Nicaragua with premium long-filler tobaccos covered by an assortment of grade “A” wrappers in various shades, ACID cigars are cured and blended with these exotic herbs, spices, and botanicals, through a process that has remained a company secret.  Every blend is different, ranging from the mellow-bodied Connecticut Shade-wrapped Blue Blondie to the powerful, Maduro wrapped Gold Atom, and several medium-bodied blends in between, that include Red Liquid, EarthinessGold Cold Infusion, and more.

The wildly popular Blue Kuba Kuba, considered by many Acid fans to be the most sought after blend in the brand portfolio, was one of the first cigars to start the ACID revolution. This hearty medium bodied cigar features Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long filler tobaccos that are covered in a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The finished product is infused with said herbs and oils to provide a unique tapestry of sweet cream, citrus, mocha, and dried fruit, punctuated with a sweet floral taste and aroma.

For cigar aficionados willing to come out of their comfort zone and experience a delightful flavor infused alternative to their standard non-aromatic blends, the world-famous Acid cigar brand is sure to contain the perfect cigar for any palate.




ACID Gold Atom Maduro



ACID Red Liquid



ACID Earthiness



ACID Gold Cold Infusion



ACID Blue Kuba Kuba




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