A Very Different Cigar from Macanudo

August 11, 2016

The famous General Cigar Company has really outdone themselves with their latest release – the Macanudo Mao 2016. Waxing nostalgic, they have tapped into their vintage seed vault to reawaken a tobacco varietal found in the original Macanudo blend when the brand debuted in the 1960s. They planted this seed mixed with another strain in the Mao region of the Dominican Republic. This previously untapped stretch of land has mineral rich soil and the ideal climate for growing premium tobacco, so with much experimentation in cross-fertilization and seed regeneration, the Mao leaf was born. This new Dominican strain is at the core of the filler blend combined with aged tobaccos from Columbia and Nicaragua. A thick Mexican binder and a stunning Cuban seed Connecticut Shade wrapper complete a unique recipe that is mellow to medium body in strength, yet loaded with tons of complexity, refinement, and character.

In true Macanudo fashion, Mao 2016 comes flawlessly built and packed solid as a rock, yet the draw is easy and the burn is even and very slow. While releasing creamy textured notes of toffee, cedar, sweet spice, and nutmeg, a soft and smoky vanilla-like aroma fills the room. These intricate flavors remain constant right down to the nub, resulting in a smoke that we like to call—a real thumb burner!

Every Macanudo Mao 2016 rests inside its own cedar coffin and comes presented in individually numbered 10-count boxes with a seal of authenticity and a story of how the brand came about. Currently it comes in three popular sizes, No. 10, a 5 × 50 Robusto, No. 11, a 7 x 50 Churchill, and the No. 12, a hefty 6 x 57 Toro.

A luxury smoke in every sense, this very different cigar from Macanudo is limited to 1,800 boxes per size, therefore, if you are a diehard Macanudo fan or want to taste rare vintage tobaccos at their finest, we highly recommend that you don’t hesitate and order a box from the JR Cigar website very soon!


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