2019 Christmas Gift Guide

December 24, 2019

Buying gifts for people always seems like an impossible task, especially for something like cigars.  Being in the industry and being surrounded by many like-minded people, sometimes I have to sit back and realize the majority of people in the world do not know anything about cigars.  This can make buying a gift for your cigar loving loved one very complicated.

That being said, I have put together a rather solid buying guide for this holiday season.  In this list, I will lay out different gifts that will be appropriate for you to pick up even without having any cigar knowledge

If You Know What They Smoke

This section is pretty straight forward.  If you are familiar with the brands that the person enjoys, it’s as simple as finding that brand on our site.  However, for a Christmas gift, I would recommend picking up five packs or a few singles, rather than an entire box.  This is a great way to simply show that you know what they like without spending too much money.

We have an entire section on our site dedicated to our inventory of five packs.  Also, if you are familiar with their preferred brand, we might even offer a sampler of different cigars from that brand.  This can be found here, in our sampler section.

If You Don’t Know What They Smoke

I imagine that most of you who are reading this far probably have no idea about cigars, or what you should get for a cigar smoker.  That is perfectly understandable.  Buying cigars for someone when you don’t really know what they like can be an arduous task, but have no fear, I am going to lay out some great guidelines for you.

As stated above, a nice sampler is always a good option.  When you are unaware of the preference you need to buy, I would recommend a sampler that has a variety of strengths and flavors.  That way, at least a few of them will hit the mark.  You will also now know for next year, which of the cigars they preferred without having to ask them and ruin the gift.

A gift card is also a great option for this time of year.  Figure out how much you’d like to spend on them and load it onto a JR Gift card.  It is thoughtful enough as you know they like cigars, so it has that personal aspect, but you aren’t risking buying them cigars they won’t like.

If you are set on getting them a physical gift though, cigar accessories are probably your safest bet.  From high end cutters to ashtrays, humidors, and lighters, our website has a massive inventory of cigar accessories. These gifts are perfect because every cigar smoker needs them and so it will always be a welcome gift, without the risk of getting it wrong.


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