1882 Cigar: A Flavorful Spin on the Classic Garcia y Vega Brand

May 2, 2019

Just about every smoker enjoys a premium cigar now and then, but for those occasions when you can’t sit back and relax with one of these premium pleasures, that’s where machine made brands like the famous Garcia y Vega really come in handy.

Since 1882, Garcia y Vega has been producing mellow cigars that are consistently smooth, well made, and affordable enough to be enjoyed all day without putting a dent in your wallet. The original Garcia y Vega line started with just a few sizes but over the years the portfolio has expanded to include 14 various sized vitolas covered in natural, Claro, and Maduro all- tobacco leaf wrappers that are packed with the best short filler Cuban-seed Caribbean Basin tobaccos.

Today, for smokers with a sweet tooth, the Garcia y Vega portfolio includes several tantalizing lines including the enormously popular Garcia y Vega 1882 selection, all rolled in a rustic Cheroot style 4.5 x 32 format. Named after the year this famous company was founded, 1882 cigars use the same all tobacco wrappers and Cuban-seed Caribbean Basin fillers, this time with a very flavorful twist!

The affordable Garcia y Vega 1882 Rolled Leaf Bourbon cigars will make your next smoking break an unforgettable one as it incorporates the smoky-sweet essence of premium bourbon. The Garcia y Vega 1882 Leaf Rolled Bourbon will offer an exceptionally smooth and highly aromatic smoking experience. And, for those who prefer their bourbon with added flavors, Garcia y Vega 1882 Bourbon cigars not only include a heaping helping of top-quality bourbon, you’ll also detect scrumptious nuances of oak, charred wood, and vanilla.

The Garcia y Vega 1882 Honey Berry cigars come cloaked in an all-natural broadleaf wrapper. Underneath, a fragrant blending of tobaccos laced with succulent honey and a tapestry of mouthwatering fruits delivers an extraordinary unique taste and an enchanting aroma.

For those that prefer their flavor infused cigars a bit more on the traditional side, Garcia y Vega 1882

Sweet Aromatic cigars add just a dollop of sugary sweetness to a mellow blend of traditional cigar flavors that include nuts, wood, leather, and cedar.


Along with such famous brands as Montecristo, H.Upmann, Macanudo, Arturo Fuente, and tons more, here at JR Cigar we are proud to carry the full line of Garcia y Vega cigars including this sweet and delicious 1882 line to offer a rewarding experience for the everyday smoker, as well as to satisfy  cigar aficionados that need some great tobacco taste in a pinch.




Garcia y Vega 1882 Bourbon



Garcia y Vega 1882 Honey Berry



Garcia y Vega 1882 Sweet Aromatic




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