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Machine Made Cigar Deals for Black Friday

Take a quick look at some of the affordable, machine-made cigars you should look out for this Black Friday. Read More

Top Flavored and Infused Cigars for Black Friday

For those who prefer a flavored or infused cigar, here are some of the top flavored and infused cigars you can pick up this Black Friday. Read More

Find Out About Our Big Sales Days This Month

JR Cigars has always been proud of our holiday weekend deals. So let’s take a look at our biggest deal days this year and what you can expect. Read More

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Cigars

Oliva is known for being one of the largest tobacco growers in Central America with huge multi-acre farms in Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Read More

Samplers to Look Out for on Black Friday

This is a great time for customers to pick up some of our top-rated samplers, so let's take a glance at some of the best samplers you can buy this Black Friday. Read More

The Chancellor Beveled Glass Mahogany Humidor From Prestige

The Chancellor Beveled Glass Mahogany Humidor from Prestige is a top choice for cigar aficionados looking to store a larger quantity of premium cigars. Read More

Charter Oak Cigars

Charter Oak cigars are a reasonably priced premium line from the prestigious Foundation Cigar Company that uses top-quality U.S. Connecticut wrapper tobaccos. Read More

JR Cigars November Gift Buying Guide

The team here at JR Cigar puts together a holiday gift guide. This is great for someone who is new to the cigar community and wants to simplify the process. Read More

New Cigars for November

With November in full swing, we are pleased to announce the arrival of five new cigars that have been the talk of the town since they were announced. Read More

My Father Cigars for Singles’ Day

Taking the name Singles’ Day literally, we here at JR have put together a solid deal on some of our best single cigars. Read More

Herrera Esteli Miami Edition Cigars

Willy Herrera crafted the Esteli Miami Edition using the “Entubado” style; a rare method of rolling used primarily in Cuba. Read More

Romeo y Julieta Cigars to Enjoy on Singles’ Day

November 11th is a day of celebration of people taking pride in being single. Here are some Romeo y Julieta cigars to enjoy on National Singles Day. Read More

The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Humidifier

The Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Humidifier is the ultimate humidification solution for smokers with very large collections of premium cigars. Read More

Top Five Cuban Heritage Brands

We thought it'd be informative to showcase some of the most popular and highest-rated Cuban heritage cigars. So here are our Top Five Cuban Heritage Brands. Read More

Cigar Aficionado’s Big Smoke 2019

For those of you who are unaware of what the Big Smoke is, let’s have a glance and what someone can expect from this year’s event. Read More

Visol Cigar Cases

Visol Products is the proud maker of an incredibly diverse selection of cigar accessories that include cutters, ashtrays, lighters, cigar cases, and more. Read More

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