New Cigars from Foundation

As the saying goes, everytime Foundation cigars releases a new cigar an angel gets its wings.  This year, quite a few angels were flying around the Foundation booth.  Nick Melillo not only brought an entirely new line to IPCPR, … Read More

New Cigars from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

Steve Saka has brought out the big guns with two new cigars being released this year from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust.  They are both extensions of existing lines but have new blends that will offer up a new smoking experience … Read More

New Cigars from H.Upmann

Altadis USA continues to have a big show while showcasing two new cigar releases from the legendary H.Upmann brand.  This year marks the 175th anniversary of the Cuban heritage brand, and the team decided to celebrate it in style.  … Read More

New Cigars from Camacho

New Cigars from Camacho Anytime Camacho releases new cigars, cigar smokers around the world cant seem to hold in their excitement.  This years IPCPR saw the release of three new versions of Camacho cigars most popular brands.  The past few … Read More

New Cigars from Davidoff

  While there were no new releases from the Davidoff brand this year, their booth was beyond impressive.  Seeking to rebrand their black label line, Davidoff brought an unbelievable experience to the 2019 IPCPR trade show.  They set up three … Read More

New Cigar Releases from Joya de Nicaragua

Nick stops by to chat with Juan Martinez of Joy de Nicaragua. The two discuss what new cigar releases. From the Cuatro Cinco to the Cinco Decadas. Read More

New Cigar Release From ACID

Nick caught up with Dirty Fabian, creator of ACID, to discuss his ACID 20 line that features some very cool products celebrating ACID's 20th Anniversary. Read More

New Cigars from Drew Estate

Every year I think there is no way that Drew Estate can top their booth, new cigars and presentation from the year before.  Every year I am wrong.  They went all out this year from the set up to the … Read More

New Cigars From Macanudo

Macanudo cigars came loaded for bare to this years show, with three new cigars under its belt.  Macanudo cigars remain one of the best selling cigars both online and in cigar stores, so having three new cigars is certainly going … Read More

New Cigars from Montecristo

  This was a big year for AUSA with two new cigars from Montecristo being unveiled at the IPCPR tradeshow.  Montecristo cigars are among the most beloved and popular in the world, so when there are new cigars announced, people … Read More

New Cigars Releases from AJ Fernandez

Nick Libretti had a chance to sit down with the man AJ Fernandez himself. They chat about what new cigars they're showcasing at 2019 IPCPR this year. Read More

New Cigar Releases from Caldwell Cigars

Nick caught up with Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigars at the 2019 IPCPR Trade Show. The two discuss what to expect from Caldwell Cigars at IPCPR in 2019. Read More

New Cigar Releases From Crowned Heads

Nick sat down with Jon Huber from Crowned Heads Cigars at the 2019 IPCPR Trade Show. Nick and Jon discuss what Crown Heads has in store for 2019. Read More

New Cigar Releases From Room 101

Matt Booth of Room 101 Cigars was gracious enough to chat with Nick at the 2019 IPCPR Trade Show. The two talk about new cigars in the works for Room 101. Read More

New Cigar Releases From Tatuaje

Nick was able to catch Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars at the 2019 IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas. Pete briefly told us some new cigars coming our way in 2019. Read More

Long Ash Podcast Episode #09 Pre-IPCPR

2019 IPCPR is this weekend so Nick and Greg talk about what they are most excited about this weekend and what movies Greg, Nick, and Secret Chris haven't seen. Read More

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