New Cigars From Macanudo

June 30, 2019

Macanudo cigars came loaded for bare to this years show, with three new cigars under its belt.  Macanudo cigars remain one of the best selling cigars both online and in cigar stores, so having three new cigars is certainly going to excited their fan base nation wide.  They are completely different from each other yet they all have that same Macanudo spirit that smokers have come to love.


The first new cigar from Macanudo cigars is the Macanudo Heritage Nuevo.  This has been called a new take on the classic Macanudo Café line.  It Is hand rolled using aged tobaccos along with a special Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.  This is a more medium bodied, complex offering of the original Café line, but is more in line with the modern cigar smoker who seeks complexity.


The next new cigar from Macanudo cigars is a new addition to its flavored M by Macanudo line.  The M by Macanudo Bourbon uses infused flavors to create a cigar with similar notes to the Old Fashion cocktail.  It comes complete with notes of bourbon, citrus and even a dash of bitters.


The final new cigar from Macanudo cigars is the stunning Macanudo Palladium.  This new cigar uses the age old turcio technique to maximize the tobaccos flavor during the fermentation process.  It is the same way the tobacco is fermented for the Cohiba Spectre.


These new cigars from Macanudo cigars will soon be available right here at JR Cigars.


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