New Cigars from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

July 1, 2019

Steve Saka has brought out the big guns with two new cigars being released this year from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust.  They are both extensions of existing lines but have new blends that will offer up a new smoking experience for the smoker.  Thee two new cigars are at opposite ends of the spectrum with one being immensely powerful and the other being smooth and mellow.


Steve released his first ever Connecticut shade cigar this year with the new Sobremesa Crème Brulee.  It uses a similar blend as the original Sobremesa, now with a stunning Connecticut shade wrapper.  Steve was adamant in his feelings that while other shy away from a typical mellow Connecticut cigar, that is exactly what this is.  It is an incredibly creamy mellow smoke that is perfect for the new smoker or someone who just appreciates a great Connecticut wrapped cigar.


If you are looking for power and complexity, it is the new Mi Querida Triqui Traca that’s calling your name.  While the original Mi Querida is a medium to full body maduro, this fire cracker takes strength and flavor to another level.  Its red band is intimidating but the cigar is beyond remarkable.


This new cigars from Dunbarton will begin shipping soon but until then you can enjoy the entire Dunbarton line right here at JR Cigars.


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