New Cigars from Davidoff

July 1, 2019


While there were no new releases from the Davidoff brand this year, their booth was beyond impressive.  Seeking to rebrand their black label line, Davidoff brought an unbelievable experience to the 2019 IPCPR trade show.  They set up three different rooms known as experience rooms, with each one representing one of the black label lines.


The first room you walk into is dark yet bright and vibrant at the same time.  A video screen showcases a volcano erupting complete with the sounds involved as well. This is to represent the Davidoff Nicaragua and the fiery soil of Nicaragua.  With its several active volcanos, including two on the island of Ometepe, Nicaraguan tobacco is well know for its volcanic soil that provides its spicy flavors.


The second room is a full recreation of a Dominican tobacco farm, particularly in the Yamasa region.  They brought in bails of fresh tobacco so you can experience that one of a kind smell only a tobacco farm can provide.  This room was crafted to create the experience of the Davidoff Yamasa, with its rich earthy profile.  They even brought in the distinct red clayish soil to bring you the full experience.


The last room recreates the wonderful nightlife of Brazil.  This represents the Davidoff Escurio with its Brazilian tobaccos.  They created a special cocktail with rum and Cayenne pepper to create the perfect pairing with the Davidoff Escurio.


All three of these cigars are available at JR cigars.


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