JR Auctions - Terms of Service

Bids Are Binding Contracts

With each bid you place, you are agreeing to purchase the auction item offered at the price of your bid, plus shipping. The last and highest bid received at the close of the auction wins the auction. The last bid will be honored, even if there was only one bid. All bids are final.


It is illegal to make bids using an invalid credit card or under a false name. To do so through the internet is a federal offense. We advise you not to test JR's legal department. Your browser transmits an address even if you give a false name. Access to your address is available to both of the federal law enforcement agencies that investigate and prosecute internet fraud cases.

Account Cancellation

JR Cigar Auction is not committed to sell to a user. We request our users to bid and act in accordance with the procedures and policies given. JR Cigars reserves the right to suspend user accounts.

JR Screen Name

JRCigars.com reserves the right to delete certain screen names. Please use common sense when making yours. For example, names that include vulgar or crude connotations will be denied.

Bid Cancellation

JRCigars.com reserves the right to cancel bids. Otherwise, all bids and resultant orders are final.

Max Bids

If 2 or more bidders place a "Max Bid" for the same dollar amount, the earliest bid received (ET) will be deemed the "Highest Bid" - unless some other bidder has already bid more.

Site Availability

JRCigars.com makes every attempt to have our site available all of the time, with the exception of scheduled and posted site maintenance periods. We are not responsible for unprocessed bids due to technical problems, either on our site or from the bidders' internet service.

Auction Changes

JRCigars.com reserves the right to change an auction. For example, JR may extend the ending time of an auction. Auction ending times are governed by the Eastern Time Zone.


Auctions end on the posted time or 5 minutes after the last bid has been placed.

Auction Cancellation

JRCigars.com reserves the right to cancel an auction for an item that was posted or shipped in error. If shipped, we will retrieve the item and issue a credit to the credit card originally charged.

Auction Descriptions, Images and Limitations

JRCigars.com will make every attempt to accurately represent auction items both in description (size, box quantity, wrapper color, etc.) and in our photography. However, JRCigars.com is not responsible for any typographical or image errors. Additionally, the auction items can not be combined with other existing sales and specials on the same item.


The methods of payment that we accept for the auction orders are the following credit/debit cards:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Sorry, we do not use any other method of payment at this time.

Automatic Shipment

JRCigars.com will automatically complete your order for any won auction that has not been picked up online for 7 days after the close of that auction. It will be shipped by U.S. Post Office and charged to the credit card listed on your account.

Declined/Invalid Charge Card

If your credit card is declined when you pick up your winning item, your item may be forfeited. You must complete your order within 24 hours of the auction's end time. If unresolved, your bid will be cancelled and the auction item will be given to the next highest bidder.

Sales Tax

For any order shipping to North Carolina, sales tax will automatically be added to the invoice total. Outside of the state of North Carolina, the purchaser is responsible for remitting any additional taxes to the appropriate taxing authority. All shipments FOB Burlington, N.C. All shipments FOB Burlington, N.C. Risk of loss is on the buyer during transport and shipment.

Exchange/Return Policy

If an order is delivered damaged, we will exchange it if we have stock. However, if our existing inventory is exhausted, it will be impossible for us to replace a damaged item. In that event, we will retrieve the item and issue a credit to the credit card originally charged. We don't reserve a quantity of "backup" inventory for exchanges. It's possible, however, that we may offer the item at a future date, if or when that inventory is restocked.

Customer Service

Should you have any questions about the auction or your order, please contact our Customer Service Department at or you can call them at (888) 574-3576, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm ET.

Privacy Policy

All of the information we collect via this cigar auction is used exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling our customers' orders, managing their accounts, and to inform customers directly about auction updates. If the need arises, we may call the contact number provided to resolve an issue. We do not share any of the information provided by our customers with any other business or organization for any purposes or reasons whatsoever.