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Rich and gratifying, Sail is available in three distinct blends all made from the finest quality tobaccos. The Aromatic style is composed of Oriental and Virginia leaf, while the Natural is pure and mild without the addition of aromatic supplements. The Regular is a well-balanced blend consisting of Burley, Maryland, and Virginia styles, enriched by Oriental and Brazilian tobaccos. Whichever you choose, you are assured a flavorful and unique smoking experience.

Code Frontmark   Packaging MSRP J·R Price  
11SAG5 GREEN (AROMATIC)   POUCH 5-PACK $34.60 $27.50
11SAI5 IVORY (NATURAL)   POUCH 5-PACK $34.60 $27.50
11SAY5 YELLOW (REGULAR)   POUCH 5-PACK $34.60 $27.50
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