JR Ultimate Coffee

Available in three styles (and named for cigar-leaf colors), J·R Ultimate coffees are crafted with only the top Arabica beans grown on the finest plantations in the world. Meticulous small batch roasting ensures that every single cup is the perfect balance of aroma, body and flavor.

Dos Cafe Coffee

Cigars go well with lots of stuff-an aged Scotch, a cold beer, a fine wine. But obviously not every time of the day is appropriate for that kind of stuff. So it's a good thing that cigars are also a great match with… a great cup of great coffee! And have we got some that will really get you going.

Cubano Clasico Espresso and Viva Italia Espresso by Dos Cafés Specialty Coffees. The former is a robust dark, perfect for those looking for a full-bodied experience, and the latter is meticulously roasted for the distinct flavor unique to Naples. Both blends are handmade with care from some of the best beans from across the globe and, no matter which you choose, you'll not only be helping yourself to a great cup of coffee, you'll be helping Dos Cafés to raise funds for children's scholarships in various regions around the world.

Atruro Fuente Coffee

Now you can enjoy your Fuente in a cup too! Robust, full and handmade with the very same care and quality standards as the family's selection of renowned cigars.

Mayorga Coffee

Mayorga coffees consist only of specialty-grade Arabica beans, which represent the top 3 percent of all coffees grown worldwide. In order to ensure consistency and quality, the company meticulously selects the green coffee beans from the world's leading coffee-growing estates and then delicately roasts the coffees in small batches to ensure maximum quality. This signature slow-roasting method develops the natural characteristics of each bean, while delivering the perfect balance of body and flavor.

Montecristo Coffee

What defines an extraordinary coffee? Selectivity, purity, and freshness. Montecristo's specialty-grade coffees are made from the top 5 percent of beans grown in the world and are 100 percent Arabica in origin. Carefully roasted in small batches and then packaged within minutes to ensure absolute freshness, these blends consistently ensure a perfect cup of the only coffee good enough to bear the Montecristo name.


Mayorga Tea

Mayorga, a big name in premium cigars and high-end coffees, presents an incredible line of select 100% natural organic teas! Available in three styles, these teas are made with the finest and purest ingredients from around the world and are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating connoisseur. You'll feel good when drinking it because not only does it taste sublime, but also because some of the proceeds are donated to Nicaragua's Fabretto Children's Foundation and its packaging is made from recycled materials. Each box contains 20 individually wrapped teabags.

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