ORIGIN: Dominican Republic
WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habana 2000 BINDER: Connecticut Broadleaf FILLER: Nicaraguan/Broadleaf/Colombian
STRENGTH: Medium-Full

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The Casa De Garcia Nicaraguan Blend is a handcrafted, premium cigar that will keep you satisfied, but won’t break your wallet. A wonderful choice as an everyday cigar, this finely crafted gem is affordable, smooth, and well-blended for beginner smokers and aficionados alike – yet another premium option from Casa De Garcia to fill the humidor.

Starting off with a dark brown Nicaraguan wrapper, this special Casa De Garcia blend is encased in a Nicaraguan binder, and filled with a gorgeous combination of Nicaraguan, Colombian and Connecticut Broadleaf fillers. The Nicaraguan Blend is a delectable medium-full bodied cigar that packs a desirable punch, rich flavor, and a budget-friendly price tag!

Whether you are cooking on the grill, mowing the lawn, or kicking back after work, you won’t go wrong with the intriguing Casa De Garcia Nicaraguan Blend.

Featured Customer Reviews for CASA DE GARCIA NICARAGUAN BLEND

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Submitted by ROGER K.

A Great Bargain C\igar
After smoking around 50 of the mild Casa de Garcia robustos, I thought I would get brave and try the Nicaraguan blend. At thist price, what do you have to lose, right? I smoked the first 1/2 inch too fast didnt sting and settled down and smoked it to where the cap began. Great draw, burned even, tasted good, smoked cool. JR always says Consuegra is the holy grail, but maybe it is Casa de Garcia Nicaraguan blend. At $1.35 per robusto, this is a fantastic deal!

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Submitted by Stan Williams

Great cigars for cheapskates like me!
While these cigars may not draw envy from your friends who desire the finest and most expensive cigars, I find this blend perfect for me. These are loaded with earthy, and rich flavors Ive come to expect from a Nicaraguan cigar. Id rather save my hard earned money for other necessities. I guess I lucked out finding a top quality smoke that fits my budget.

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Submitted by MARK W.

I liked them a lot!
Being a fan of full bodied cigars, and admittedly being somewhat of a cheapskate, I thought I would give these a go. At thist price, it was worth the gamble. It started out very peppery and strong, but I have come to expect that from a full-bodied smoke. About 1/4 of the way down all of those rich Nicaraguan earthy flavors just starting bursting through and I was hooked. and the whole batch were just as good, Im ready to place my next order for these!

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Submitted by bigjim8541

One of the worst I have had
This is by far the worst smoke I have ever had and feel regret everytime I pull another one out to light it. If you want to spend more time spitting out tobacco leaves and stems as you take your draws, this is a cigar for you. It gets to the point, as to the entire end of the cigar is no longer there because it has fallen into your mouth. JR Alternate cigars are a better smoke and construction then these! I tried to go cheaper to save a few bucks and have paid for it. I felt it burned pretty quickly, but the burn was consistant. I am embarrassed to hand them out to anyone, to just get rid of the box. Do not waste your time!!!! If you want to waste your money, send it to me instead, so I can try something better!!

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Submitted by Cloak N. Dagr

A very pleasant surprise ...
This review is for the {Casa de Garcia hereafter CdG} Nicaraguan Blend Corona only. I have no experience with any other size cigar in that line. I have had a few CdG Dominicans that J&R have sent me to try from time to time and a couple bundles Ive ordered in the past. Those did not impress me. However, these coronas are surprisingly good cigars. Im always looking for a decent cigar to bulk out my humidors and for daily use. I keep a few Camachos, Cohibas, Gurkhas, and Hoyo de Monterrey cigars aging in my humidors for special occaisions and special guests. Not being a wealthy man I cant afford to smoke that caliber cigar on a daily basis. So for many years Ive been trying this and that lower priced premium cigar and Ive found some that are pretty good. Good enough for my once-a-month poker game and good enough to offer my buddies and neighbors without being either ashamed of the cigar Im offering or breaking my cigar budget. J&R ran some sort of special a while back and these Nicaraguan Blend CdGs were featured. This is a stronger version of the Dominicans in the CdG lineup so I thought Id give em a try. Honestly I wasnt expecting much and figured Id end up smoking them myself to get rid of em. Still, if you dont play you cant win so I ordered a bundle along with some other brands that Ive found to be acceptable and reasonably economical. I was very pleasantly surprised with these coronas. Theyre quite smooth with no unpleasant cheap cigar taste at all. These are also fairly potent so if youre not into a strong cigar or you cant smoke a cigar without puffing like a coal-fired locomotive then these probably arent for you. I find that the strength of these cigars is conducive to sipping rather than gulping, which probably keeps me from smoking them too hard and too hot and improves the flavor. I would say this is a cigar for a seasoned cigar smoker because it is fairly potent. Some of my buddies only smoke that one cigar a month during our poker game and theyre not as keen on this one as I am. If yourre a once-a-week or once-a-month cigar smoker who prefers a mild stick then there may be a bit more nicotine in these cigars than you really want. Then again, maybe not because I have friends who also really like this cigar and theyre not generally daily cigar smokers. Other friends who are daily cigar smokers like this cigar as much as I do and often choose these from my humidor. Ive gone through two or three bundles of these so far and so far I havent found one that burns erratically, tends to run and burn like a canoe, or does anything but burn nice with a fine white ash. I have noticed that they do not burn perfectly symmetrical, with little irrregularities in the circumferance which might make you think theyre going to run or leave something looking like the back of a cockroach but they never seem to do that. They do occaisionally leave that blackened flake of wrapper that wants to fall off on the floor or in your lap but that for me isnt a deal killer considering the other merits of this cigar. The irregularity in the burn circumference always catches up to the rest of the burn. This is more likely attributable to the binder than it is the wrapper. Theyre rolled very firmly, which is not all that common in a more economical cigar, but they draw nicely if a little stiff. Considering their potency they draw perfectly. They hold together very well and the wrappers have never detached, unraveled or flaked off during smoking. I have a drawer full of dull cheap plastic cigar cutters and one very nice, very sharp Colibri cutter. I use the Colibri on these cigars even though its normally reserved for the high-end specimens in my humidor. Thats because these cigars are rolled like a high-end cigar and quite dense. Cutting them with a cheap, dull cutter crushes rather than slices the end off the cigar. The Colibri slices them nice and neat which makes for a more pleasant feel on the drawing end and avoids breaking the wrapper and cap. Which makes them smoke better too. The dense roll of thes cigars makes them smoke longer, so besides the fact that due to their strength you dont want to smoke them hard because of their construction they tend to last quite a while too. This to me is a big plus because the better and longer a cigar smokes the greater value for the money that cigar attains. I like a cigar to last, I have cigars that are quick smokes too but this cigar does not fall in that category so if youre in a hurry dont unwrap and cut one of these. Ive never heard of this Habana 2000 wrapper so a little one that- The wrapper is finished properly at the smoking end and the cap is well attached and cleanly seated. Its a medium dark wrapper, very substantial in appearance with vein structure and not smooth textured as some of the higher priced cigars. To my palate its a very tasty wrapper, which brings us to the flavor of the cigar. The adjectives used to describe cigar flavors are as diverse as the number of cigar smokers, which makes them nearly meaningless. What I taste in a cigar may not and probably isnt the same as you taste and if the truth is told theres really no way of knowing what you taste or I do. That said, I find this cigar to be a very smooth, full flavored tobacco that for me increases in spice or tobacco pepper or whatever you would like to call it- as it burns down. This is honestly one of the more delicious, tasty cigars Ive had in quite a while at this price point. To my palate the words rich and full come to mind. The pleasant surprise I mentioned in the title of this review is a refernce to the flavor, the rest of the features of this cigar are negligible if it doesnt taste good and this cigar tastes great. I find this cigar goes well with a good cup of black coffee, a single malt or a decent bourbon on-the-rocks, and it even goes well with a sweeter libation like Honey Bourbon , flavored brandies or schapps. I havent found anything yet that this cigar isnt a compliment to or vice-versa when it comes to beverages. I keep a well stocked bar and several varieties of whole bean coffee that I always grind fresh, this cigar likes everything Ive paired with it so far. Ive been a steady customer of J&R Cigars for many years now. Ive tried other sources and always come back to J&R. For great deals on just about everything rolled into a tobacco stick J&R beats everywhere else Ive tried- and their gargantuan online selection added to their own expert cigar buying and smoking staff means that gems like this cigar are still waiting to be discovered.

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