Best Maduros
Best MadurosBest Maduros

Some of these brands contain only maduro cigars, some offer their cigars in multiple wrappers colors, so make sure when you choose that you've picked the wrapper you want.


Handmade Brands in Alpha Order

  1. Belinda Black Cigars – boxes of 20
    Tastes of creamy espresso and nuts punctuate this lush cigar's flavor, and its smoke will captivate your senses.
  2. CAO Brazilia Cigars – boxes of 20
    This is a "monster" of a cigar in both flavor and size.
  3. El Rey del Mundo Cigars – box count varies
    These are arguably one of the finest cigars made in the world today - bar none. An absolute "must try" cigar for all!
  4. Fonseca Cedar Cigars – boxes of 25
    Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano filler paired with a sun-grown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper and sleeved in cedar; a very spicy blend with strong notes of cedar.
  5. Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra Cigars – boxes of 25 or 40
    This is a cigar for those who crave a heavier, Cuban-style smoke.
  6. JR Ultimate Cigars – boxes of 25
    This brand has won an unprecedented 10 Grand Gold Medals in international competitions.
  7. La Gloria Cubana Cigars – boxes of 25
    Robust, rich, and exceptionally tasty cigar.
  8. Partagas Black Cigars – boxes of 20
    Flavors of earth, dark chocolate, and dark roasted espresso will overwhelm your senses - this is not a cigar for the timid.
  9. TTT Trinidad Cigars – boxes of 20
    A lush, dense smoke for the seasoned cigar connoisseur.

J• hopes you enjoyed our list of recommended handmade premium maduro cigars.

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