Requests for cigar suggestions are made to us daily, so we've decided to make some by general categories. In the interest of time, these will be simple for now. As time permits, reasons for being suggested will be given to aid you in your shopping decisions.


Handmade Brands in Alpha Order:

Consuegra Cigars - bundles of 25
This brand is the Holy Grail for those serious cigar smokers who appreciate a full, rich-tasting cigar and want it at a serious discount.
JR Edición Limitada Alternative - bundles of 20
Exciting cigars, wrapped in a deep Colorado maduro wrapper and spiced up with potent ligero fillers from the Jamastran Valley.
JR Alternative Cigars - bundles of 20
For over a quarter of a century, these have been the very best value in the whole cigar world!
JR Cuban Alternative Cigars - bundles of 20
20 of these heavy-bodied Cuban alternatives will still cost you less than just one of those Commie-Pinko Havanas!
La Primadora Cigars - bundles of 25
The La Primadora is a consistent smoke at an economical price and has proven to be a time-honored bestseller.
Lew's Smoker 10's Cigars - bundles of 10
Handmade with long-filler black tobaccos from four nations, this is a medium-bodied, flavorful cigar that could be sold for four times more, no problem.
Mocambo Cigars - boxes of 25 or 50
Big in black tobacco flavors, these small, inexpensive smokes are a perennial customer favorite.
Mister B Handmade Cigars - bundles of 20
Mild-to-medium smokes and have always been a tremendous value - a favorite with many of our customers.
Rosa Cuba Cigars - bundles of 20
A handmade, solidly constructed cigar that draws and burns well and delivers genuine black tobacco flavor for less than $1.00 each.

J·R hopes you enjoyed our list of recommended handmade premium cigars.

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