ORIGIN: Nicaragua
WRAPPER: Various BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Nicaragua

Acid cigars are anything but boring. From the unique artwork of Scott Chester, that adorns every box-- to the complex flavors of each cigar. They have raised the bar for flavored cigars and are continuing to do so today. Actually, ACID cigars are not flavored, they are “infused”. The aged Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long filler tobaccos are cured for months in what Drew Estate calls "cuartos aromaticos" (aroma rooms) that are lined with over 150 essential oils, natural botanicals, herbs, and spices to infuse the tobacco with both flavor and aroma.

When you’re in the mood for a truly unique smoke, just light one of these up—you won’t be disappointed. Each of the many sizes has its own distinct flavor and aroma profile. The quality wrapper, binder and long filler leaves used in these cigars, plus the time consuming infusion process-- make this a cigar you’ll want to take your time smoking, so you can savor each and every mouthful of flavorful aromatic smoke. And with the nice burn and draw there’s plenty of smoke to be enjoyed, not only by you, but also those around you.

ACID Krush Classic line of little cigars are perfect for when you don’t have time for a full size ACID cigar, but still want all the flavor. They’re handmade, long-filler 4 x 32 versions of several full-size ACID blends that are conveniently packed in tins of 10. Available in four different infusions and wrappers, Blue Connecticut, Gold Sumatra, Morado Maduro & Red Cameroon. Just light up and enjoy!

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